Elite universe

Welcome to the Elite universe

This is a special outer-core universe! Perfect for the experienced players, looking for extra challenges and features

  • This game-verse has special speed boosters: 1x Economy, 3x Construction, 2x Production, 3x Research
  • Inactive players loose protection after 2 days, and the level protection is 65% of the rank #1 player
  • Alliances can have 25 members max
  • Starbases move faster, at 0.25 lightyears, and generates 10~75 debris per hour over asteroid belts
  • Telepod speed is higher at 50 units per hour, reaching 10 lightyears per level
  • The 3 special structures here are limited to 5 all together: 2 max for Artificial Greenhouse, 3 max for Ore Refinery, 5 max for Core Crystallization
  • You can save credits by using the new Bank
  • Transport ships can be used to move Debris by loading & unloading it
  • You can build small unit shiptypes in your occupied Borc (the AI) bases
  • Fleets has a daily maintenance cost from 1% to 5% based on how big your total fleet is, if your fleet is 1 mi total, you'll pay 10k daily
  • You'll need XP to build your 6th base and above
  • XP from the bot stops when your account hit level 30 decreases to 10% as your account level reachs the #1 player level (starts when both are above level 30)
  • 5 SBs max. per astro, no matter who owns it

    Soon: a special bot starbase that relocates often and if occupied by a player will give special high bonuses